5 Reasons Why Premature Ejaculation Will RUIN Your Sex Life



Read these 5 reasons why premature ejaculation will ruin your sex life and guarantee you will be motivated to learn how to have sex longer! These are must know reasons that every guy should be aware of.


Penis problems are bad enough without having to share them with a stranger, but unfortunately, there are issues that can't be resolved without the help of a doctor. Talking about the private parts with a medical professional can be awkward and uncomfortable, but familiarity with the common terminology for the parts of the penis, as well as common issues that can affect them, may help to get the conversation started and put a man on the road back to good penis health. 1) Foreskin.


The country waited for the Supreme Court to issues its rulings on two same-sex marriage cases this past summer. Some expected the Court to declare same-sex marriage to be a fundamental right, while others prayed that it would support the sanctity of one-man, one-woman marriage as the sole marital relationship, and others were ambivalent. The decisions disappointed many people by being very limited rulings. This paper explains why the Court ruled as it did.